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A Quick Look...Video Tips
Sometimes it's just as easy to see how something is done as it is to read about it and try it yourself. For that reason, this page offers a set of short video tips that can accomplish specific tasks in Office 365.
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Video tip #1: Setting Up Your Desktop for Office 365
Description: A four-minute video clip showing show to find, download, and install the desktop setup utility so that you can access Office 365 from your Start menu or taskbar.
Audience: Beginner
Version: Office 365 Small Business [P1]
Video tip #2: Rearranging the Navigation Panel for Your Public-Facing Website

Description: A three-minute video on recordering pages in the navigation panel for your public-facing Office 365 website.
Audience: Beginner
Version: Office 365 Small Business [P1]
Other Video Resources:
Check out Microsoft's Office 365 channel on YouTube for troubleshooting and tips demos for both Office 365 Small Business and Office 365 Enterprise.
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